Every state and state-integrated school or kura in New Zealand has a board that governs it. 

The board’s legal responsibilities are determined by the Education and Training Act 2020. The Act sets out boards’ four primary objectives. These are ensuring student achievement for all of its students, including for those of differing needs, making sure the school is a safe place for all, and giving effect to the Treaty of Waitangi. 

As part of its focus on these four objectives, boards’ responsibilities include: 

• Setting the strategic direction for the school 

• Protecting the school’s values 

• Monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes 

• Approving policies 

• Financial stewardship 

• Building community engagement and support 

Our board meets regularly throughout the year, usually at 7pm at school. Dates of meetings are included in the school newsletter. Meetings are open to the public, but are not public meetings.  This means that members of the public are able to attend but do not have speaking rights unless specifically allowed by the presiding member. You may also be asked to leave the meeting when the board is discussing sensitive information. If you would like to attend a board meeting, it’s best to contact the presiding member ahead of time, so you can be sent the protocols for attending. 

The board is a member of Te Whakarōputanga Kaitiaki Kura o Aotearoa - NZ School Boards Association (formerly NZSTA) and takes part in training, courses and expert advice offered by the Association.

If you're interested in joining the board, you can stand at the next election (due in 2025) or when a vacancy arises. For further information visit School Board Elections.

You can get also involved with the board by:

You can find out more about school boards via this Ministry of Education page

Board members:

Parent Representatives: Rebekah Fraser (presiding member), Hollie Steel, Ashley Townsend, Michael Souness, Mat Korteweg

Staff Representative: Kobie Hill (acting)

Principal: Meisha Cochrane (acting)

Contact the board: