Here are some activities you can do with your children to support the foundation skill of 'moving'.

Foundation Skill Breakdown

Here are the foundation skills involved in 'moving'.

Music Making

Plastic bottles with rice inside make great shakers for making music. Play some music fort your child and get them to dance along to the rhythm (also great for developing hearing). Buckets also work as great drums. 


Collect a variety of containers or boxes, string, tubes, straws, ice block sticks. Let the children explore and create. You could give them an idea from a book you have read together. For example, they might create a home for a cat they read about in a story. 

Obstacle Course

You can make fun obstacle courses indoors or out. On a piece of paper, draw the action your child has to do at each station.  Actions at each station could be:

Outdoor Playground

Monkey bars are a great way to build core strength, motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children learn to swing from one bar to the next. Children can set themselves challenges such as swinging from one bar to the next, skipping a bar or turning upside down.

Fine Motor Skills

These activities are all great to develop your child's fine motor skills.