Here are some activities you can do with your children to support the foundation skill of 'hearing'.

Foundation Skill Breakdown

Here are the foundation skills involved in 'hearing'.

Listening Walks

A listening walk can happen indoors or outdoors. Invite your child to show you how good they are at listening by telling you all of the sounds they can hear. For example, they might hear cars, birds, water. 

Rhyming Books

There are so many amazing rhyming books at the library.  If you are unsure ask your librarian. If your child has a favourite, stop before the rhyming word and ask them to say the word. Be sure to emphasise the rhyme when reading.   

Jingles and Poems

Purchase, download (many are free) Youtube, local library, nursery rhyme books.

Identifying Objects 

Create a big tray of objects such as buttons, beads or other interesting things and ask your child to find the thing you describe. For example, "Find the big yellow button with holes".

Simon Says

Play games such as 'Simon Says'. These are often good ways to practise speaking, listening and memory skills, with out even noticing!